Taichizen.com is the home of modern holistic mind-body integrative system applying the principles of "Enlightenment Living". It has 2 catageries: Enlightenment & Transformational Arts, Tai Chi and Healing arts.


Ping VignetteTaichizen is a modern holistic mind-body integrative system promoting "Enlightenment Living" (明心禅). It was founded by Ping Zhen Cheng in New York, a rare lineage carrier of Zen,Tibetan Buddhism and Taoist systems of treasures. Taichizen started in the 90's, and was brought back to China after the Sichuan earthquake of 2008. Now it has over fifty centers in US and China.

Taichizen has its roots in China. It brings together the ancient inner energy principles of Taichi with other internal and Yoga arts. This unique system embodies and enhances the timeless transformational wisdom of the East under the modern illumination of western transpersonal psychology, making them applicable in our hectic, modern lives.

Taichizen practice contains a simple 18 minutes daily routine that applies 5 postures of mind-body-spirit re-alignment in standing, sitting, sleeping, walking & free styles, which untilizes 3 basic vertical energy lines and 7 spiraling loops. Pactitioner learns to manifest multiple mind-body Mandala figures for the balance and transformation of energy, emotion & consciousness.

个人介绍 Ping Zhen Cheng Bio:

Ping Zhen Cheng is currently the director of Zen (Chan) meditation program at Beijing's Dharma Online Institute. It is China's first & largest non-denominational online meditation studies program. He is also the practice advisor of Maitreya Institute of Zhejiang Buddhism College, one of the largest nunneries of south China. (http://www.dacichansi.com/)

A rare lineage carrier of Zen, Tibetan & Taoist systems, he is the founder of Taichizen International, a network of more than 50 centers throughout the US and Asia teaching a modern holistic mind-body integrative system promoting the principles of "Enlightenment Living" utilizing "Taichizen" & "Mingxin Yoga" as tools. As a US citizen, Ping relocated to China to teach after the Sichuan earthquake of 2008.

Integrated with the essential principles of Soto Zen, Yunmen Zen, Dzogchen,Taoist Alchemy and transpersonal psychology, his teachings has been well-received in China National Buddhist Council at Guangji Temple in Being, Shambala International, Unity Church, & many other institutes of multi-spiritual faiths through out Asia & US.

Prior to China, he served as director of Physical Arts Dept. for the New York College of Health Professions, Graduate School of Oriental Medicine in Syosett, NY where he lectured on Chinese Medicine & Qigong, coached national & international Taijiquan & Kung Fu champions. He was the first to develop a Medical Tai Chi Instructor Certification curriculum based on oriental medicine principles in the US.

For ongoing NYC classes please email pingeastwest@yahoo.com