Realizing enlightenment is intricate and precious, and embodying it is even more precious. Realizing the Tao is difficult, living the Tao is more challenging.

For modern humans with more intricate challenges, any legitimate mind-body system MUST contain two components in order for transformation to occur:

A. An intricate map of consciousness with non-dual theory illuminating the map.

B. An effective energetic & body transformation system to embody the non-dual understanding of consciousness both inside & outside of meditation, from the surface of the mind-body to the deeper layers of meridians & chakras.

These two conditions represent the most direct path possible to self realization, regardless of what modern and traditional teachers claim. Because such systems are rare, Taichizen.com came up with a distance learning system described below.

Taichizen International is the leading instructor certification organization of a modern holistic mind-body integrative system "Enlightenment Living" or ("Mingxin Culture" in Chinese). It was founded by Ping Zhen Cheng of NY after the Sichuan earthquake of 2008, now with over 50 branches in US & China.

For modern living with great time limit, we are the pioneer of utilizing the ancient energetic components of Tai chi together with other internal & yogic arts as a tool for enhancing & embodying the timeless transformational wisdom of Zen, Tibetan ,Tiantai & Taoist meditation systems under the modern illumination of western transpersonal psychology .

Originated in China, composed in the US and open to all the transformational teachings of East & West, Taichizen contains a simple 18 mins daily drill that utilizes 5 postures of mind-body-spirit re-alignment in standing, sitting, floor, walking & free styles. After the intro-drill is stabilized with either in person or distance learning program aided by learning materials, there are 9 categories of systematical training available in both transformation arts & healing arts offered by different teachers & advisors based on each student's need.

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